The Boyscouts consist of Form1, Form2 and Form3 scouts who are still under the category of 'Pengakap Muda'. The Asst. Troop Leader I is in charge of supervising the boyscouts' activities such as Boyscout meeting, Patrol tour etc. etc.

Form1 and 2 boyscouts are divided into 6 patrols of Helang, Enggang, Rajawali, Tiong, Kenyalang and respectively. Each patrol has its own hierarchy from the top - PL, APL, secretary, treasurer, QM, photographer, first aider and lastly the members.

On the other hand, the Form3 Council remains dormant and permitted to less activities due to the public examinations during the second half of the year. Yet they still maintain as a council with their own positions and responsibilites as they are going to success the troop later in Form4 as the COH members.





Form3 Council

Chairman   Lionel Chooi

Asst. Chairman   Edward Hiew

Secretary   Tan Eu Jing

Asst. Secretary   Ritesh Saigal

Treasurer   Wilson Lee

Quartermaster   Prasanth

Asst. Quartermaster   Govind

Den Maintenance   Yuvanesh

Asst. Den Maintenance   Kok Huah



Patrol Leader Council (Form 2)

Chairman   Wymann Liew

Asst. Chairman   Brandon Cheong

Secretary   Lim Jia Wing

Asst. Secretary   Darren Khoo

Treasurer   Tan Jun Hao

Quartermaster   Kogulavaanan

Asst. Quartermaster   Schanny Tan

Den Maintenance   Lee Kwok Zheng

Asst. Den Maintenance   Sarabjiet Singh

Members   Woo Jin Leang, Henry Ho, Lee Shee Yao, Hezron Barnabas